Clean Transportation Project

According to the EPA, 27% of US greenhouse gas production is attributable to transportation. Moving away from fossil fuels in this sector inevitably means electrification.

  • Every major auto manufacturer now has electric vehicles (EVs).
  • There are over 2 million Electric Vehicles (EV) worldwide and 23,000 in New York State.
  • From 2016 to 2017, EV purchases have grown 70% both worldwide and in New York.
  • 42 EV sedans and dozens of trucks, vans, and buses receive NYS cash rebates, plus tax credits.


Why should you get an EV?

  • EVs cost 50% less per mile for fuel.
  • With approximately 20 moving parts, EVs require less maintenance than gas vehicles with 2,000+ parts – (No oil changes, transmission fluid, etc.)
  • 90% of most people’s daily trips are less than 30 miles.
  • Plug-in EVs go 100+ miles per charge, making EVs a clean, green, cost-saving option for your household’s 2nd

Sustainable Westchester is aggregating municipal & individual EV purchases. The more who participate, the larger the discounts we can negotiate!

Electric Vehicles for Individuals Electric Vehicles for Municipalities