LED Street Lights Initiative

The Mid-Hudson Street Light Consortium is a project supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to create a more affordable pathway to LED street light conversion for Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Columbia, Greene and Westchester municipalities in the Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Orange & Rockland, New York State Electric & Gas, and Con Edison territories. Converting to LED street lights has the potential to deliver electricity cost savings of up to 65 percent to municipalities. NYSERDA’s 2014 study, Street Lighting in New York State: Opportunities and Challenges, found that if this were accomplished statewide, an estimated 524 gigawatt hours of electricity and $97 million would be saved annually.


The project is expected to save Mid-Hudson communities more than $6 million in energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 42,000 MTCO2e over the next 15 years, if only 20 municipalities were to participate. Assistance in understanding LED conversion options is available to all 249 municipalities in the Mid-Hudson region. Many of the municipalities currently rent their street lights from their utility.

Many Mid-Hudson municipalities are eager to convert but encounter hurdles understanding their options and successfully negotiating the outcome they seek.  This is where the Mid-Hudson Street Light Consortium can help. Support to municipalities that join the Consortium – at no cost – includes:

  • A survey of Mid-Hudson municipalities to ascertain which municipalities seek assistance with conversion to LED streetlights, and what types of assistance are desired.
  • An Options Study to analyze the pathways to LED conversion (through utility leasing or municipal ownership) for municipalities that do not currently own their streetlights, focusing on regulatory (tariff) and financial considerations.
  • Information and support for municipal streetlight audits. Audits verify currently installed equipment and may allow for utility refunds for past overcharges and/or support evaluations of appropriate replacement equipment.
  • Procurement support, including model Requests For Proposals (RFPs) that address furnishing, installation and maintenance appropriate to each utility territory to streamline the procurement process for interested municipalities.
  • Support for an aggregated procurement process to capture volume pricing discounts for interested municipalities.
  • Information and analysis regarding streetlight buyout terms being offered by the various utilities to individual municipalities.
  • Continuous knowledge sharing via webinars, workshops and a conference.

Converting to LED streetlights is one of 10 High-Impact Actions communities can pursue under NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities Program. For more information about the Mid-Hudson Streetlight Consortium, please visit:

For questions and/or to join the Consortium, email Pat Courtney-Strong at pat@courtneystrong.com.