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Materials touch every aspect of our life – be it a toothbrush you use in the morning, to the clothes you wear, the paper you write on, the packaging you get your stuff in, or even the phone you use and the car you drive!

And what about the food (+packaging) you purchase at stores? And the leaves you blow out of your yard?

Materials. Are. Everywhere.

And all these materials come from somewhere! Plastic items are made from petroleum which is extracted from deep down in the earth. Metals are mined out also. Paper comes from trees. You get the idea…

Imagine the impact of our use of all these materials, everyday, on the limited capacity of this earth.

Is it our responsibility then, to use and dispose every material responsibly? Absolutely!

Can we do it? Yes.

Is it easy? No.

We at Sustainable Westchester are striving to make the process of responsibly using and disposing all our materials, a bit easier and achievable for everyone.

Stay connected to learn more, or better, join in the efforts.

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