Westchester Power website launches!

As of April 5th, 2016, we have published the web portal for the Westchester Power Program: http://westchesterpower.org/.

We also expect the first of the Notice Letters to begin arriving in customers’ mailboxes today. The letters contain the phone number a customer should call. Our web portal has a detailed FAQ, map and rate table that offer more details that could fit in the Notice Letter.

The web portal contains instructions for consumers in participating municipalities on opting out, opting in, opting up to 100% renewable or opting down to the basic service. This program is about offering consumers meaningful choices determined by local priorities and initiatives. Thank you for helping our “first in New York” pilot program have such a robust start.

The fixed rate contracts for the ConEdison territory are for at least 24 months. The fixed rate contracts for the NYSEG territory are for 36 months.

Because we had so many of our participating municipalities choose to start their homeowners and small business owners in the 100% renewable energy supply option, over two-thirds of our customers (70,000 out of 110,000 accounts in 14 municipalities) will be buying “100% green” supply in a few weeks time. That alone is a remarkable achievement!

Thank you! And please spread the word!