HeatSmart Commercial
Clean Heating & Cooling

Clean Heating & Cooling

HeatSmart Commercial Clean Heating & Cooling brings new technologies, multitude of benefits and economic opportunity.

With a proposed Westchester County multi-family new construction of 50,000+ new housing units, air source heat pumps and geothermal solutions and the resulting electrification represents a positive solution for gas constrained areas. The economic impact is in excess of $10+ billion dollars.

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Geothermal Program

The environmental benefits of clean heating & cooling solutions have a great impact on reducing the reliance on fossil fuels in building construction is increasing in importance in cities across the country. As building heating and cooling is a significant contributor in greenhouse gas emissions. From a business revenue and consumer satisfaction model the benefits are immeasurable:

  • NY State Climate Goals, The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act calls for aggressive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy.
  • To address the specifics in commercial building, NYSERDA has set guidelines for Stretch Code Toolkit for which adoption has been made easier.


The evolution of this technology has opened the opportunity for a broad cross section of projects to include new construction and retrofits. Benefits across the spectrum are realized for builders/developers, residents and municipalities alike.

Commercial Clean Heating & Cooling Case Studies


Commercial Clean Heating and Cooling provides opportunity for a wide cross section of projects, whether the project is a retrofit for a landmark building or a multi-unit apartment building or a school building, that provides cost savings, preservation of architecture and an environmental benefit.

  • No Burning of Fossil Fuels
  • Non-Pipeline Solution
  • Reduce Construction & Other Capital Costs
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Save Space in Buildings
  • Improve Occupant Comfort
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Pursue Green Building Certifications

Commercial Clean Heating
& Cooling Resources

  • Ready to start? Visit NYSERDA
  • Clean Energy Action Plan, $250 million. The Clean Energy Action Plan also includes millions of dollars of additional funding through competitive solicitations. View the Clean Energy Action Plan for Commercial and Industrial Buildings Brochure [PDF]
  • Ground source heat pump rebate – link to follow
  • Air source heat pump rebate – link to follow
  • Commercial new construction rebate – Commercial buildings up to $600,000 – funding is calculated by modeled carbon emission savings of the project
  • NYSERDA in partnership with Con Edison provide a variety of resources and services for commercial clean heating & cooling projects including: feasibility analysis, free screening is available, FlexTech program as well as Con Edison’s non-pipeline solutions.

Commercial Clean Heating
& Cooling Podcast/Webinar

Premieres Spring 2020

Tune in to “Conversations in Clean Energy”.

Sustainable Westchester is set to premiere an ongoing series of podcasts and webinars to add to your rotation of favorites. The topics will be presented by experts in their fields who will share information and thought provoking subject matter such as: resiliency in LMI communities, NYS Stretch Codes and national models, updates on project siting, incentives and rebates, retrofit case studies and so much more….

Look for more details to follow or contact Rachel Carpitella at [email protected].