When things don’t go to waste, everyone wins!

Sustainable Westchester believes that community coming together can affect change. As businesses located throughout the County, we are here to help you do just that and contribute to the overall resiliency  and sustainability of the municipalities in which you are located.  We’d like to learn more about your specific business needs and provide consultation to help you make your business a zero waste company with TRUE certification.

We would love to hear from you! Let’s connect at [email protected]

Become a Zero Waste Business

Make your company a zero waste company with TRUE certification.

TRUE, or ‘Total Resource Use and Efficiency’, is a Zero Waste certification, administered by U.S. Green Business Council that also manages the popular LEED certification programs. TRUE certification is used by facilities or offices to define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint and supporting public health.

Take a look at some TRUE projects undertaken by businesses across the country.

To get your business started on TRUE journey, reach out to: Celeste McMickle, Director, Client Solutions – TRUE Zero Waste @ U.S. Green Building Council [email protected]

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Do you own a recycling business?

We are inviting all recycling service providers to promote their services through our Recycle Right App. For example, if you are a scrap metal recycler, a paint recycler, or a mattress recycler, or collect any niche, special items for recycling, we’d love to include you in our Recyclopedia.