Manager, Solar Programs

Claire Kokoska

Claire Kokoska, Manager, Solar Programs, manages the opt-in Sustainable Westchester Community Solar program, launched in 2018. Since its establishment, Ms. Kokoska has worked to enroll several thousand residents, municipalities and small businesses across 30 community solar farms with 10 solar developer partners to provide guaranteed savings through local community distributed energy generation. The savings to subscribers will result in over $1 million in the course of subscriber participation. Ms. Kokoska began her work with Solar Programs in 2017 to administer and manage the successful Solarize Westchester program, which ultimately led to 600+ residential and small commercial solar installations across 22 municipal campaigns. She specializes in research, marketing, logistics, and enthusiastic support implementing clean energy projects in the Hudson Valley. 

Prior to Sustainable Westchester, Ms. Kokoska worked in high-rise commercial property management in downtown Chicago, implementing sustainability initiatives to advance eco-friendly practices among the commercial tenants, which included several Fortune 500 corporations. Ms. Kokoska studied Philosophy at Union College in Schenectady, NY, finishing Magna Cum Laude with a focus on environmental ethics.