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[03/11/2016] For Comparison Tables on the new electric supply rates negotiated in mid- March 2016 on behalf of 20 cities, towns and villages, please see the links for each municipality in the table below. We have over 110,000 residential and small commercial accounts now successfully aggregated across two utility service territories within Westchester County.

Something remarkable happened. To quote one of our mayors, “This is really, really, really big!”

We requested bids for both a traditional “brown” supply sourced from a mix of fossil fuels, nuclear and some renewables and a 100% renewable “green” supply sourced from 100% Green-e certified Renewable Energy Credits. We told energy service companies that we would only consider bidders whose new brown supply rate was below the 2015 supply from the utility.

To our very happy surprise,the two well-qualified bidders who won the two separate utility service territories, respectively, provided brown and green rate prices that are each below the 2015 utilitybenchmark.  Before opening the bids, we assumed everyone would start in the Brown rate. In fact, municipalities now have a choice of whether to start everyone in the Green Option or in the Brown Option.

Hence, an entire city, town or village can buy 100% renewable electic supply as of May 2016 at a lower rate than they paid for brown supply in 2015.  Remarkable.

Either way, individual homeowners or small business owners may switch from Green to Brown or vice versa after the program starts.

For Pre-qualified Energy Service Companies (see RFI issued in September 2015 below):

Download Request for Proposal for Energy Procurement (posted 1/29/16; bids due 2/22/16)

For Municipal Leaders:

Prior presentations to municipal leaders in 2015:

Memorandums of Understanding authorized to date include those listed below with “Yes” in the final “MOU Approved” columns. Other municipalities listed have the MOU under review for consideration at an upcoming meeting. (List current as of 1/28/16.)

MUNICPALITY (Click on town below to open chart of local electric use information) # of Eligible Consumer Accounts* MEETING MOU Under Review MOU Approved
1. Town of Bedford 5,984 1/5/16 yes yes
2. Village of Hastings 2.525 1/5/16 yes yes
3. Town of Ossining 1,675 1/5/16 yes yes
4. Village of Ossining 6,551 1/6/16 yes yes
5. Village of Mamaroneck tbd 1/11/16 yes yes
6. Village of Larchmont 1,506 1/11/16 yes yes
7. Town of North Salem 2,014 1/12/16 yes yes
8. Village of Rye Brook 2,810 1/12/16 yes yes
9. Village of Irvington 1,969 1/12/16 yes yes
10. Town of Somers 7,460 1/14/16 yes yes
11. Village of Tarrytown 3,984 1/19/16 yes yes
12. Town of Lewisboro 4,308 1/4/16 yes yes
13. City of New Rochelle 20,764 1/4/16 yes yes
14. Town of New Castle 4,971 1/19/16 yes  yes
15. Village of Pelham tbd 1/19/16 yes yes
16. Village of Mt. Kisco 3.247 1/19/16 yes yes
17. Town of Mamaroneck 4,089 1/20/16 yes yes
18. Town of Greenburgh 12,791 1/27/16 yes yes
19. City of White Plains 16,920 na yes yes
20. Village of Pleasantville 2,384 2/9/16 yes yes
subtotal estimated c. 110,000 
MOU pending review
Village of Croton-on-Hudson 2,621 1/19/16 Yes
Town of Eastchester tbd 1/19/16 Yes
Town of Cortlandt 9,108 1/25/16 yes
Town of Pound Ridge 2,078 2/4/16 yes

*Eligible Consumer Accounts (residential and small commercial) as determined by the local utility, ConEdison or NYSEG, i.e.. consumers whose accounts currently use either ConEdison or NYSEG as the default provider of electric supply.

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CCA Enabled Municipality Adoption date of local law or ordinance enabling CCA
Village of Rye Brook June 23, 2015
Village of Ossining July 1, 2015
Town of Bedford July 7, 2015
Town of Somers July 9, 2015
Town of Lewisboro July 13, 2015
Village of Croton-on-Hudson July 13, 2015
Town of Ossining July 14, 2015
Town of Mamaroneck July 22, 2015
Town of North Salem July 29, 2015
Village of Irvington August 10, 2015
Town of Cortlandt August 18, 2015
Village of Pleasantville August 24, 2015
Town of Pound Ridge September 8, 2015
Village of Tarrytown September 8, 2015
City of White Plains September 8, 2015
City of New Rochelle September 16, 2015
Village of New Castle September 21, 2015
Village of Mount Kisco September 21, 2015
Town of Greenburgh September 29, 2015
Village of Larchmont October 19, 2015
Village of Hastings-on-Hudson October 20, 2015
Town of Eastchester October 20, 2015
Village of Pelham November 3, 2015
Village of Mamaroneck November 23, 2015

About our Westchester Smart Power Program

In February 2015, the New York State Public Service Commission issued an order enabling a “first-in-New-York” community energy choice aggregation program, specifically a pilot program for one county, Westchester County.

Since then, Sustainable Westchester has been very active in informing the cities, towns and villages in Westchester about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

In particular, Sustainable Westchester prepared a series of key documents for its member municipalities, including a draft Local Law enabling the program, a FAQ to help provide answers to the most common questions, a draft resolution of the “intent to join” the program.

In addition, Sustainable Westchester has sent presenters to both informal and formal meetings with public officials, to explain the program and how we project that it will work.  We have attended about 60 public hearings or city/town/village board or council meetings in the 8 months since the Order to explain CCA before a public audience.

In order to offer a secure, stable, and accurate web portal for the program, Sustainable Westchester went through a public request for proposal process to select a web portal provider. We feel is it critical to offer our municipalities the best possible communications tool for the program.

A good resource for Community Choice Aggregation is the Local Energy Aggregation Network (LEAN USA), a non-profit, membership organization assisting communities nation-wide to develop municipal energy aggregation programs. For example, here is how LEAN USA explains the “why do it?” question:

Why Do It?
Through CCA, local governments and their constituents are achieving a powerful range of objectives:
  • Competitive, often significantly lower, electricity rates
  • Transition to a cleaner, more efficient energy supply
  • Consumer choice, consumer protection, and local control
  • Local jobs creation and economic development
  • Local delivery channel for new and existing energy programs such as feed-in-tariff, net energy metering, energy efficiency retrofits, PACE, distributed rooftop and community-shared solar, and demand response technologies
  • Development of new power projects to augment contracted power
Local Toolkit Templates Description (most recent at top)
CCA Projected Time Line CCA Projected time line (shared with municipal attorneys). (dated 12/7/2015)
Webinar #2 slide deck Webinar #2 WESTCHESTER SMART POWER:ESA Contract Re-cap & Q&A Session  (11/30/2015)
Webinar #1 slide deck Webinar #1 WESTCHESTER SMART POWER:CCA Overview, timeline & Q&A Session (11/23/2015)
Local Laws adopted in Westchester for CCA The PSC asked us for more information (such as links to all the local laws adopted in Westchster so far to enable CCA). (September 2015)
Request to PSC for Aggregate Date for 15 Municipalities As of 9/18/15, we have 15 municipalities that have aleady adopted the local law and intent to participate resolution. Therefore, we submitted the data request letter to the Public Service Commission to start that process of obtaining aggregated energy information for each city, town or village. This information is needed for the energy procurement bid to which qualified energy suppliers will respond. We will submit another request as more municipalities join CCA.(September 2015)
Sample Resolution for intent to participate in CCA Sample resolution that local gov needs to adopt along with the Local Law to show intent to participate/join the CCA energy aggregation program. (August 2015)
RFI for NYS electricity suppliers (.doc) Sustainable Westchester has sent a questionnaire to all registered residential suppliers in New York State to collect information and verify credentials in advance of the procurement bidding process. (September 2015)
RPF for CCA web portal services Sustainable Westchester is seeking web portal service to manage the public communications and program information for CCA. (August 2015)
FAQ on CCA in Westchester Frequently Asked Questions and Answers explain CCA in plain English (July 2015) NOTE: The answers in this early FAQ are SUPERCEDED by the terms and conditions in the latest revision of the Electric Service Agreement above. 
Sample Local Law enabling CCA (.doc) Sample local law for adoption by Westchester’s cities, towns and village to enable a local CCA Program. (June 2015)
Sample Resolutions for Local Law enabling CCA (.doc) Sample resolutions calling for Public Hearing and Adoption of Local Law. (June 2015)
Local Law package as adopted  by Croton (.pdf) The Local Law package as submitted to NY Department of State by Village of Croton-on-Hudson (June 2015).
1 pager on CCA Brief 1 page handout explaining Community Choice Aggregation pilot for Westchester County (NY) (April 2015)
Sample Resolution – Lewisboro Town of Lewisboro (NY) resolution to join CCA program. (April 2015)
Sample Consumer Notification Letter City of Lowell (MA) notification letter sent to residents.
CCA For Communities Presentation Background, benefits, & how to participate. (March 2015)
Public Service Commission Press Release PSC OK’s State’s First Community Choice Aggregation Pilot Program. (February 2015)
PSC Petition Approval Approval to implement a demonstration community choice aggregation (CCA) program within the County of Westchester. (February 2015)
SW Petition to PSC Sustainable Westchester petition to PSC to establish demonstration program. (December 2014)

List of Muncipalities engaged with Community Choice Aggregation (as of 10/5/2015)

Municipalities in bold below have adopted the local law or ordinance enabling a CCA Program within their jurisdiction. 
TYPE County/Muni NAME 2010 POP (town outside villages) County/
 CCA presented in public meetting CCA Public Hearing scheduled CCA PH closed and Local Law adopted
VILLAGE Ardsley V 4,452 1,456
TOWN Bedford T 17,335 6,033  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Briarcliff Manor V 7,867 2,499
VILLAGE Bronxville V 6,323 2,387
VILLAGE Buchanan V 2,230 836
TOWN Cortlandt T 31,292 14,065  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Croton-on-Hudson V 8,070 2,859  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Dobbs Ferry V 10,875 3,941  x  x
TOWN Eastchester T 19,554 13,035
VILLAGE Elmsford V 4,664 1,738
TOWN Greenburgh T 42,863 34,084  x   x   x 
TOWN Harrison T/V 27,472 8,680
VILLAGE Hastings-on-Hudson V 7,849 3,193  x  Oct 6
VILLAGE Irvington V 6,420 2,601  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Larchmont V 5,864 2,470  x  x
TOWN Lewisboro T 12,411 4,461  x   x   x 
TOWN Mamaroneck T 11,977 11,255  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Mamaroneck V 18,929 7,232
TOWN Mount Kisco T/V 10,877 4,118  x   x   x 
TOWN Mount Pleasant V 26,931 13,983  x
CITY Mount Vernon C 67,292 27,048
TOWN New Castle T 17,569 5,822  x   x   x 
CITY New Rochelle C 77,062 26,995  x   x   x 
TOWN North Castle T 11,841 3,695
TOWN North Salem T 5,104 1,977  x   x   x 
TOWN Ossining T 5,406 12,735  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Ossining V 25,060 8,514  x   x   x 
CITY Peekskill C 23,583 9,053  x
TOWN Pelham T 4,246
VILLAGE Pelham Manor V 5,486 1,909
VILLAGE Pelham V 6,910 2,337  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Pleasantville V 7,019 2,687  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Port Chester V 28,967 9,772  x  x
TOWN Pound Ridge T 5,104 1,868  x   x   x 
TOWN Rye T 15,813
VILLAGE Rye Brook V 9,347 3,224  x   x   x 
CITY Rye C 15,720 5,559  x
TOWN Scarsdale T/V 17,166 5,795
VILLAGE Sleepy Hollow V 9,870 3,253
TOWN Somers T 20,434 7,098  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Tarrytown V 11,277 4,688  x   x   x 
VILLAGE Tuckahoe V 6,486 2,736  x   x   x 
CITY White Plains C 56,853 21,576  x   x   x 
CITY Yonkers C 195,976 80,839
TOWN Yorktown C 36,081 12,860
COUNTY Westchester 949,113 349,445
28 24 21

Summary of Outreach by Sustainable Westchester for Westchester Municipalities that have Passed CCA Local Law/Ordinance (as presented to the Public Service Commission on 9/24/15).

Municipality # public Board/Council mtgs. # properly noticed public hearings total # televised/publicly archived meetings one or more article(s) in local news outlet notices, archives, minutes posted to municipal website info. distributed in newsletter, e-blast, or mailing
Town of Bedford 3 1 4 Y Y Local press, Supervisor video attached
Village of Croton-on-Hudson 4 1 5 Y Y Local press and prior resolutions attached; Mayor’s newsletter
Town of Cortlandt 1 1 2 Y Y Local press attached
Village of Irvington 1 2 3 Y Y Local press attached; planned mailing
Town of Lewisboro 3 1 4 Y Y Local press attached; presented at League of Women Voters State of the Towns event
Town of Mamaroneck 2 2 4 Y E-blast to residents and extensive noticing on municipal site and local press
Village of Mount Kisco 2 2 4 Y Y Local press attached
Town of New Castle 2 1 3 Y Covered twice in Town e-newsletter, posted to Town website, info distributed by Sustainability Action Board
City of New Rochelle 3 1 4 Y Y Local press and posts to City website
Town of North Salem 4 2 6 Y Y Local press attached and 600 member Town Facebook group NorthSalemNYInfo
Town of Ossining 4 3 7 Y Y Local press attached; held more public meetings than any other municipality with extensive noticing and communications
Village of Ossining 3 1 4 Y Y Local press attached
Village of Pelham 1 1 2 Y Y Local press attached
Village of Pleasantville 3 1 4 Y Y Local press attached
Town of Pound Ridge 2 3 5 Y Y Local press attached; e-blast to residents
Village of Rye Brook 2 2 4 Y Y Local press, Mayor’s newsletter attached
Town of Somers 3 1 4 Y Y Local press attached
Village of Tarrytown 1 1 2 Y Y Local press attached
Village of Tuckahoe 1 1 2 Y Y Local press attached
TOTALS 45 28 73 17 19