Clean Transportation Project

Sustainable Westchester has fully embraced the challenge of the 27% of our greenhouse gas footprint that is transportation. We are very enthusiastic about the resurgence in interest in non-automobile mobility, and have actively promoted public transportation and the “complete streets” approach to making our roads accessible to all modes of movement and an integral part of a livable community.

Still, the automobile remains the primary tool for travel within Westchester County and so the Clean Transportation program has placed a high priority on the transition to electric vehicles.

There are a number of ways you can “plug in”:



Sustainable Westchester municipalities understand that they must lead by example, and we have assisted a number of communities to add EVs to their fleets and secure charging infrastructure. Program Director Ron Kamen and our staff are happy to help your municipality strategize, navigate the options and identify funding opportunities. Contact them at [email protected]

If you would like to keep up with developments or learn about the latest Sustainable Westchester discounts, please leave us your information below: