HeatSmart RFP

PILOT ROUND of the HeatSmart Westchester Program opens for applications from Home Performance and Heat Pump Installers!

IMPORTANT DATE: Installer applications DUE Friday, November 9th, 2018

Sustainable Westchester, on behalf of the HeatSmart Westchester Campaign Team requests submissions from Westchester installers – who meet the requirements for a participating Installer in all relevant NYSERDA programs – to participate in the pilot HeatSmart Westchester campaign launching in January 2019 and concluding in August 2019.

Please note that for this pilot campaign, applicants must be participating installers of: (1) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (for home efficiency / weatherization Installers) and/or (2) Air Source Heat Pump Program (for ASHP Installers).

The objective of HeatSmart Westchester is to significantly ramp up the rate of clean heating and cooling system adoption and energy efficiency in participating communities in Westchester. A successful HeatSmart Westchester Pilot Campaign will leverage committed and well-connected volunteers and community leaders, particularly in identifying creative and effective ways to get the word out to their community about HeatSmart Westchester. The goal is to encourage as many homeowners as possible to consider installing CH&C systems and energy efficiency measures in general, to displace fossil fuel-based heating and cooling systems. The selected Installer(s) will be the sole recipients of customer leads through HeatSmart Westchester and will be actively promoted by the community as HeatSmart Westchester’s competitively selected Installer(s).

If you would like to be considered as an installer for Heatsmart Westchester, please follow the link to the REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (“RFP”) which can be found below. To be eligible for the selection process installers must submit an application by Friday, November 9th, 2018 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

RFP Documents

RFP Clarifications


Are contractors expected to model the energy usage of the home? Should contractors include the savings and projections? Where can details on the heating system, sizing, pricing, location of the home (for weather data) be found?


It would make most sense to do the energy model for Bedford/Lewisboro or Pound Ridge area. Contractors are encouraged to include all assumptions about the existing heating system, the savings, projections, and details that the contractor created. The pricing model should be incorporated as well.