Municipal Solar Buyers Group RFP Answers to Questions #3


Answers to Additional Questions from Interested Respondents as of July 22, 2015 (last revised 12/21/15)

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Update on new Identified Sites: Please note that the Sustainable Westchester RFP exhibits have been updated to reflect the addition of an additional municipality joining the Municipal Solar Buyers Group, the Town of Bedford. Please visit this page for details of the new Town of Bedford sites.

45) Can we bid the project with a capital lease (direct loan), instead of PPA, so the municipality owns the system on day one and gets the full benefits on day one?

ANSWER: No. In order to achieve results which are in the best interest of the MSBG participants,  RFP specifically contemplates that the contractual arrangements will include a PPA between the owner of the PV System and the Municipality incorporating market based terms and conditions.

46) What are the expected build dates for the projects? 

ANSWER: As addressed in Question 27 above, it is anticipated that the smaller projects on Identified Sites will proceed as quickly as possible with the expected build dates being within 2016. Due to the additional complexity of the larger ground mounted projects, those sites may possibly take a longer period of time, into early to mid 2017. Respondents should identify any issues with respect to their ability to move as expeditiously as possible on the broad spectrum of Identified Sites.

47) With the question and example of the Croton Commuter Lot, there are (4) meters on site and assuming a system size of 800KW, which would be 200KW at each meter – if the municipality can use all of that power, is SW recommending (4) separate tie-ins or could we in fact do one larger system in the > 200KW program and have only one tie-in?

ANSWER: Please refer to the response to Question 28 above.

48) There is still some uncertainty on the transaction cost for ground mounts. Lets assume we have the following system sizes ( 1 MWdc, 1.5 MWdc, 2 MWdc, and 2.5 MWdc), what would the fees be? Caps were mentioned in Q34 of Addendum 2 and it only confused me more.

ANSWER: You can assume a cap of $200,000 for ground mounted projects that are 1 MW or greater.  The reality is that with the current group of ground mounted projects, we do not expect any of them to exceed 1MW.  The information coming from Weston & Sampson will provide more design and sizing for these sites.  With only 18 of the 38 members of Sustainable Westchester participating to date, we expect more ground mounted projects to be added over time.  In order to qualify to win such future projects, it will be necessary to provide a bid for the current RFP.

49) Can you confirm that this RFP is grandfathered into the monetary net metering program as identified in bullet 5 below: "(5) Projects that a State, municipal, district, or local governmental entity has solicited through a Request for Proposals or Request for Information issued in conformance with applicable law."

ANSWER: Respondents are directed to assume that this RFP has been grandfathered into the monetary net metering program.

Thank you!