Municipal Solar Buyers Group Solar Developer RFP

Revised (expanded) list of Potential Sites and Extension of response date to July 24, 2015 may be found here.

Answers to Questions from Respondents as of

June 24, 2015 may be found on this page or downloaded here (pdf).

June 11, 2015 may be found on this page or downloaded here (pdf).

RFP for solar developers: Submission deadline extended to July 10, 2015. See revised dates below.

A new regional nonprofit, Sustainable Westchester Inc, is pleased to announce that it has engaged Structured Finance Solutions, a division of PNC Equipment Finance, LLC, and GP Renewables & Trading as its co-advisors to develop small to mid-sized solar photovoltaic systems on dozens of sites owned by its local member governments. The sites are all located in Westchester County, New York.

Seventeen cities, towns, and villages, who are each members of Sustainable Westchester, have already worked the Advisors to identify seventy-five (75) publicly owned buildings and parking lots that maybe examined as potential host sites for new solar PV systems. Collectively, these potential solar sites, as well as any futures sites, form the Municipal Solar Buyers Group.

The electricity generated by these solar PV systems will be used to lower the municipalities’ future electric bill. The systems will be financed through power purchase agreements, meaning the local governments will not have lay out any capital in order to benefit from generating their own electricity.

The Advisors are managing the issuance of a request for proposal (“RFP”) for the development, design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Solar PV Systems (“RFP SW2015-MSBG1”).

At the request of a number of interested parties, the respective due dates for the submission of Expression of Interest, Technical Questions and Proposals have all been extended. The RFP has been updated accordingly.

The revised dates are as follows: 
Expression of Interest due Wednesday, June, 17, 2015
Technical Questions due Friday, June 19, 2015
Responses due Friday, July 10, 2015

Interested parties must submit their Proposals to the Advisors by 5:00 P.M., July 10, 2015

The RFP documents together with its general requirements, specifications, bidding certifications, proposal requirements, protocols for questions and timing for proposals may be obtained on Sustainable Westchester’s website. Questions should be directed to Jennifer Silva.

Read Press Release (May 19. 2015; URL corrected May 20, 2015).

To open and download the documents below, click on each one separately:

  1. Municipal Solar Buyers Group Request for Proposals (RFP) Main Body, Disclosure Forms I through V and Exhibit A (.pdf)
  2. Exhibit B: Identified Sites and Map Links(.xls)
  3. Exhibit C: Site Pictures (.pdf)
  4. Exhibit D: Respondent Bid Form I – Site Qualifications and Sizing Submission (.xls)
  5. Exhibit D: Respondent Bid Form 2 – Pricing Grid Submission (.xls)