Mamaroneck High School Feedback

Comments from Sophia Andrews, Mamaroneck High School Science Teacher:

Thanks again for taking the time out of your schedule to come speak to MHS students.

They thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and thought the content was informative and engaging. I attached a few photos of both you and the students during the presentation.

Some feedback from the students include:

“I thought Mr. Kamen did a great job in providing lots of information on a wide range of topics. I really liked learning about all of the statistics related to renewable energy.”

“Mr. Kamen’s manner was engaging and enthusiastic; he definitely knows how to speak to high school kids.”

“I appreciated the focus on solutions to energy sustainability, versus focusing on the doom-and-gloom that often dominates the headlines.”

A few students mentioned that they went home and spoke to their parents about the presentation and asked that I share your PDF with them to cite. That’s great that they are talking about this at home!

You may have noticed that there were two administrators in the room. Mario Washington, one of our Assistant Principals, commented today that he thought your presentation was informative and engaging, and a good fit for our high school students. He said that he learned a lot himself from the presentation while attending!