Peekskill NY — Balancing Growth With a Healthy Environment

Nestled on Peekskill Bay, in arguably the most beautiful location on the Hudson River, it’s easy for a visitor to spot the renaissance in Peekskill. Trendy restaurants and nightspots, music, theater, artists, new and expanded businesses are popping up in town and on the riverfront. We even have a new Holiday Inn Express. Recent articles in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal touting Peekskill’s rise have prompted a new stream of residents to choose Peekskill as their new hometown; they come for its diversity, beautiful riverfront, walkability and easy access to New York City. Our exemplary riverfront has been preserved with expanded parklands, walkways and amenities. New development projects promise more growth — all welcomed with open arms.

But growth increases our demand for more energy and demand on our resources. As government leaders we must take a pro-active approach to bringing renewable energy resources into our city while ensuring our environment is safe.

The city faces challenges to the environment that every town and city must deal with. But it also must acknowledge the potential impact of its proximity to an aging nuclear power plant and the current expanding Spectra pipeline running within a few hundred feet of it. Recent environmental challenges have sharpened focus on an undeniable truth: we will only thrive if we can ensure a safe environment with sustainable resources.

An argument one often hears is that we are almost completely reliant on non-renewable energy to run our cities and towns, homes, businesses, and infrastructure: we can’t live without it, at least not now. But I believe we can begin to reduce and ultimately limit our reliance on non-renewable energy.

Source: Peekskill NY — Balancing Growth With a Healthy Environment