New EV offerings for Municipalities!

We want to make it easy for your municipality to electrify your fleet!

So, we started by adding four new web pages so that you can easily search for the electric vehicle that is right for your municipality.

Click on the links below to navigate through the offerings.

All-Electric Sedans

Plug-in Hybrids

Trucks & Vans


We want to make it cost-effective to electrify your fleet!

So, we are aggregating electric vehicle (EV) purchases for municipalities through an ongoing Intermunicipal Agreement (IMA) in order to secure discounted prices and expedite EV purchases.

By joining the IMA, your municipality can join with others to bulk-buy electric vehicles of your choice when you are ready to do so.

If your municipality is interested in joining the IMA or would like information, please contact Ron Kamen at [email protected] or call Sustainable Westchester at (914) 242-4725.