Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Westchester Clean Transportation Program

According to the EPA, 27% of US greenhouse gas production is attributable to transportation. Moving away from fossil fuels in this sector inevitably means electrification. The integration of the transportation and energy sectors that this implies puts Sustainable Westchester and its member municipalities in a unique position to take full advantage of the synergies with SW’s Westchester Power program and other energy initiatives in its portfolio.


The Sustainable Westchester Clean Transportation Program seeks to accelerate the transition to EVs by:

  • Working with its member municipalities to develop plans for electrifying fleets and creating charging infrastructure. We will do this in the most cost effective way possible, seeking to leverage aggregated buying strategies to obtain better pricing and grant utilization, and matching opportunities to municipal fleet replacement schedules.
  • Further leveraging municipal leadership in this sector and aggregating purchasing to solicit discounts from all major electric vehicle suppliers for the residents and businesses of member municipalities.
  • Create innovative business and contract structures to support the development of charging infrastructure and eventually, “transportation as a service” in Westchester.

Getting Started:

Municipalities: call Jenna at (914) 242-4725 or Ron Kamen at (917) 453-5740 discuss and schedule a visit so that we can create a customized plan for your municipality.

Individuals: Explore the current Clean Transportation program offerings, below. Email your questions us at KickGasWestchester@sustainablewestchester.org , or call our office at (914) 242-4725

Great opportunities to go electric through SW:

  • Get $19,200 off on the amazing BMW i3 – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • We had a huge response to this past Fall’s Nissan Leaf discount program. We got Nissan’s attention with that, and expect to have an offering for the new 2018 version as we roll into the new year. CLICK HERE TO GET ON THE WAITING LIST