Community Solar

Solar Benefits for All

Going Solar Made Simple!

Community Solar allows all utility customers, homeowners, renters, businesses, nonprofits, to easily participate in solar as long as they don’t already have solar on their property.



  • Simple & straightforward!
  • Choose a project, complete the form!
  • Once the project is operational you begin to SAVE!
  • Our video can help you through!

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Community Solar

What is Community Solar
and how does it work?

Community Solar is fully compatible with the Westchester Power program and provides another way that Sustainable Westchester is delivering clean energy benefits to members. We intend to integrate Community Solar more tightly in the Westchester Power program when regulatory changes are made that allow this, but for now, we’re pleased to offer the two opportunities and to communicate about all the clean energy choices available to Westchester residents.

What is a solar farm?

A solar farm is a large scale photovoltaic power station, or a very large means of collecting solar energy. Solar farms feed power into the electrical grid in the same way as fossil-fuels would do, however, there is no external pollution to feed the grid. Solar farms take advantage of large open spaces – either in remote, sunny areas or on large commercial rooftops where multiple solar panels are laid out to harness the energy from the sun. Solar developers either buy or lease the land or space from businesses, municipalities or private citizens.


Program community solar


Program community solar


A Brief Historical Perspective

Solarize Westchester was offered by the following partners committed to promoting sustainability and community outreach: Sustainable Westchester (Sponsor) and Abundant Efficiency (Administrator). Prior to each round of campaigns, the Solarize Westchester Team requested submissions from Westchester County communities, including cities, towns, villages or coalitions of towns and/or villages. Large employers or other organizations with many members in Westchester County were considered as well.  Applications were evaluated competitively. This campaign resulted in 600 solar installations in 22 municipalities. However,  of the 4,000+ inquiries, 85% of those were unable to have solar panel installation due to inadequate roofs, shady properties or were renters or apartment/co-op dwellers.  From there Community Solar was created.