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Sustainable Westchester helps Westchester residents, businesses and communities take action on climate change while benefiting from clean energy. Now that New York State is at the forefront of climate action nationwide, Sustainable Westchester’s role accelerating progress is more important than ever.

In order to ensure that we have a strong foundation to continue this critical work, we are asking that you invest in Sustainable Westchester. Your support will allow us to chart Westchester’s path to sustainability while creating jobs and addressing environmental injustice.


In partnership with you and Westchester communities already we have:

  • Created New York State’s first community energy program (over 150 municipalities have since followed suit) reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an astounding 900,000 tonnes
  • Supported the development of 600+ solar systems and helped over 2,300 households, community organizations, and municipalities benefit from community solar.
  • Supported almost 70 clean energy community campaigns that to date have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding for municipalities.
  • Launched the GridRewards program – the first of its kind on the East Coast – that reduces use of the most polluting power plants and earns residents – including renters – money. Enrolled over 3,500 households and organizations since 2021.
  • Developed an innovative program to provide guaranteed electricity bill savings to thousands of low-income Westchester residents through solar credits.
  • Introduced the benefits of clean heating and cooling systems to thousands of homeowners, businesses and nonprofits.
  • Shared our energy expertise with other nonprofits to help them secure hundreds of thousands of grant dollars for sustainability projects.

In the months ahead, Sustainable Westchester needs to respond to our residents and communities that want to do more…. They are seeking assistance with initiatives including clean transportation, sustainable landscaping, community- geothermal systems and more.

Your support will allow us to respond to these needs and ensure that we can continue to keep Westchester communities at the forefront of sustainability innovation and progress.

You can also make a donation by mailing a check to the following address: Sustainable Westchester, 40 Green Street, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Thank You for being part of the solution!

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