Municipal Fleet Conversion

Fleet Conversion is a practical and cost-effective strategy for municipalities aiming to address climate challenges, meet New York State’s robust climate goals, and take the mantle of environmental leadership in their broader communities. Electric vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality, are produced by a variety of manufacturers, and include options for sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, crossovers, sports cars, and compact vehicles. This means that no matter the needs of a municipality, electric vehicles can be cost-effective, high-performing solutions.

Sustainable Westchester has helped many municipalities to introduce or expand electric vehicle infrastructure. Because of our knowledge of the electrification process, Sustainable Westchester can help municipalities adopt electric vehicle infrastructure in a cost-effective and speedy manner, addressing questions and concerns along the way.

Key Steps to Efficient and Effective
Municipal Fleet Electrification

  • Identify municipal needs: Electric vehicles can be used for a variety of purposes, and their expected use will determine which vehicles are the best fit for a town. For example, electric vehicles intended for police use will differ from electric vehicles designated for general use by government employees.
  • Create and adopt a public charging infrastructure: A key reason for municipal fleet electrification is to encourage residents to procure electric vehicles in their personal capacity. Installing public charging stations allows municipalities to promote their own efforts while also encouraging residents to make the switch to electric on their own. Further information about charging station infrastructure and adoption can be found here.
  • Explore funding opportunities: New York State will subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles and charging stations for both municipalities and their residents. These savings allow towns and cities to save thousands of dollars when electrifying.

Municipal Fleet Conversion Funding

Cost Calculators

  • The US Department of Energy offers a cost calculator that helps predict potential average annual savings from driving an electric vehicle. This tool is imprecise, but effective for making general estimates.
  • NYSERDA offers a cost calculator for the same purpose, but uses more specific inputs to make savings estimates and also allows for direct vehicle comparisons.
  • The US Department of Energy offers a greenhouse gas emissions-reduction calculator. This tool helps estimate the potential environmental benefits of fleet electrification. 

Additional Steps for Successful Municipal Electrification

Sustainable Westchester has compiled a collection of resources to help address specific aspects of electrification. These include case studies of successful municipal electric vehicle projects, guides which address socioeconomic aspects to electrification, and overviews of the broader electric vehicle marketplace.

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Sustainable Westchester can help municipalities begin or continue the process of electrification by providing several services, including:

  • Identifying installation costs
  • Determining optimal charging station location(s)
  • Estimating revenue generation totals

Our expertise, experience, and relationships with stakeholders allow us to be a resource for municipalities, and to provide informed, high-quality assistance throughout the county. For questions, more information, or to take the next steps towards expanding electric vehicles infrastructure, please contact