What Can We Do?

Electric Vehicles are practical, cost-effective transportation options for Westchester residents. Since the average range of an electric vehicle is over 110 miles per charge, and the average daily commute in Westchester is under 30 miles, EVs are highly reliable for daily use.

Sustainable Westchester works with municipalities, building owners, and developers to take the lead in public charging station infrastructure in order to make the benefits of EVs accessible to a greater percentage of residents.

We are very enthusiastic about the resurgence in interest in non-motorized transportation. Sustainable Westchester promotes public transportation and the “complete streets” approach to making our roads accessible to all modes of movement.

Residential EV Funding & Incentives

The Dealership Experience

Key Considerations Before Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

Purchasing an electric vehicle should begin with dealership research.  Like any car purchase, compare dealership locations to find the lowest price, and take a test drive.  Be sure to take into consideration the model’s operating range and how running the heat or air conditioning affects the range. Other items to ask dealerships about include:

  • Pricing/Incentives: Which incentives, rebates, tax credits, dealer discounts and financing offers are available to lower the cost of purchase? How do I receive these?
  • Insurance:  Are there insurance implications for an electric vehicle?
  • Charging:  How long does it take to recharge the battery from 0% to 100% on a level 2 charger?  Can I install a charging station at my home? What discounts are available for this?
  • For a complete list of current Westchester County dealers. Click here.

Sustainable Westchester

Supports Ridesharing

511NY Rideshare assists individuals with finding easy, affordable and sustainable alternatives to driving alone. Their ridematching platform helps travelers connect with the community to find carpools to join based on their trip criteria and profile preferences. To find a carpool match, travelers can enter their start and end locations in the box to the left, hosted by 511NY Rideshare. 511NY Rideshare members also have access to additional benefits such as vanpool formation and the Guaranteed Ride Program. For more information on these resources visit today!