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Sustainable Westchester

Sustainable Westchester is a nonprofit, consortium of Westchester County local governments that facilitates effective collaboration on sustainability initiatives. Our goal is to bring socially responsible, environmentally sound, and economically viable solutions that create healthy, resilient, sustainable communities.

Westchester Power

Westchester Power demonstrated how communities can take charge of their energy procurement to achieve their clean energy goals. Recognizing the potential of this approach, dozens of communities across NY State have followed this lead and established similar programs .Westchester Power is a community choice aggregation program that offer bulk fixed-rate renewable electricity to its member municipalities...

sw WestchesterPower.

Community Solar

After a successful rooftop Solar program executed in 22 municipalities and resulting in 100’s of installations, Sustainable Westchester found that the void in the market centered around ill-suited property, lack of consistent access and often substantial upfront costs...

sw Community Solar


Did you know that 32% of a building’s carbon emissions come from heating and cooling? For homes and commercial buildings, Sustainable Westchester’s HeatSmart program delivers energy-efficient, clean heating and cooling solutions, including geothermal and air source heat pumps...

sw HeatSmart

Clean Transportation

Local Westchester municipalities, businesses, institutions, residents, and students can go green by participating in the Sustainable Westchester electric vehicle (EV) initiative. Company’s individuals and fleets can own or lease EVs, enable EV spots in their parking lots with or without charging stations, and/or install solar-powered EV charging stations...

sw Clean Transportation

Zero Waste

Sustainable Westchester is the “go-to-resource” for insights and recommendations to move communities toward zero waste. Reducing trash and more efficient recycling is not just good for the planet but for the community’s bottom line, too. Our Recycle Right! App serves as a powerful solution, premier solution representing significant cost and environmental benefits for municipalities...

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