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Clean Transportation

Company individuals and fleets can own or lease EVs, enable EV spots in their parking lots with or without charging stations, and/or install solar-powered EV charging stations. In turn, business owners can realize significant reductions in vehicle maintenance costs and gas expenses, all while promoting more environmentally-friendly and clean transportation. Sustainable Westchester can help you navigate the options, sift through available incentives, and determine a path forward that best meets your needs.

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What Can We Do?

Sustainable Westchester is happy to partner with EV dealerships and create mutually beneficial programs that will also benefit the environment! Our goal  is “one EV in every garage”.  Sustainable Westchester is ready to spread the word about EV’s, promote your dealership and exclusive partner discounts with the following programs:

  • Ride & Drive Events
  • Sharing Exclusive Discount Programs
  • Educational Consumer Events & Webinars
  • Cross Promotional Strategy
  • We are also happy to discuss a custom tailored idea.