Recycle Right!

Sustainable Westchester negotiated a shared service agreement for Recycle Right!, an app syncing information and DPW schedules, that is customizable for each municipality. The technology is “plug and play,” in order to get started quickly and to leave the program administration, maintenance and update support, program administration and implementation to Sustainable Westchester!

Technology + A Toolkit of Resources = Making a Measurable Impact

The Recycle Right! app serves as Sustainable Westchester’s premier solution for cost reduction and enhanced environmental benefits for municipalities as well as a residential one-stop recycling platform due to its ease of use, convenience, and efficient recycling information.

The Recycle Right! website and app provide the most comprehensive platform on how to recycle efficiently and to optimize municipal cost savings.

Recycle Right!

Features and Benefits

  • Download is free – app available on iOS and Android, also available as a Web platform
  • Access information on street-specific municipal sanitation collection and recycling schedules
  • Easy to use and translated into seven different languages
  • Location-based “Recyclopedia”- all you ever wanted to know about what and how to recycle
  • Tips about greening your life from composting to donations to suggestions for reusing items & more
  • Streamlined Communication – questions or reporting a problem available in one place, any time of day
  • Messages are solely from your municipality or department of public works
  • Search Keywords – Recycle Right Westchester- in your app store today!


What Can We Do?

The Recycle Right! app offers municipalities an opportunity to make a significant environmental impact and create an informed community setting the stage to move toward zero waste households.

The app is a turnkey solution supported by enhancements, consumer education and program administration from Sustainable Westchester and it provides:

  • Ability to customize the widget and app per individual municipal’s website, including address specific scheduling and municipal identification
  • Pick up notices and special reminders are consolidated in a single message
  • Multi-channel information flows specific to multiple administrators – so the right message goes to the right place for resolving issues
  • Web Compliance Certificate (WCAG 2.0) for users with a disability
  • Best-practices language translation (available in 7 languages) so everyone gets the message
  • Residents will only see the messages sent by their municipality

With the right programs and incentives, municipalities can lighten the load and lower the cost of hauling away items such as textiles, wood, metals, plastics, glass, and paper or cardboard products. There will still be items to going landfill, but with thoughtful efforts to reuse and recycle products, there will be less.

  • 2020 Coming Attractions on Recycle Right!
  • Pickup Scheduling for Bulky Items
  • Enhanced Special Item Recycling
Municipal Participation


What Can We Do?

Recycle Right! is a one-stop platform to report a problem, such as a missed trash collection, and to receive important messages about recycling, weather disruptions or special donation events.

And coming soon, residents will be able to schedule a bulk item pick up right from the app.

Committing to recycling is an easy and important sustainability goal for residents to adapt.

Did you know that Recycling RIGHT is as important as recycling itself? If homeowners take two minutes to learn what goes where when sorting items for recycling, they become part of the cost-saving solution.

The goal is to increase community participation so there is…
Less confusion = less waste = less cost = Higher Community Satisfaction and  all adds up to a Positive Environmental Impact

  • Paper and cardboard together – flatten those boxes, please!
  • Plastic, metal and glass containers together – empty and rinse containers, please!
  • Soiled and greasy items – yes, we are talking about pizza boxes – are not recyclable because they contaminate the rest of the paper products. It is ok that some items go into the trash.