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Lower Your Carbon Footprint.
Save Energy.
Earn Cash

  • Take Simple Energy Actions
  • Reduce Usage
  • Generate Savings
  • Respond to GridRewards Events
  • Earn Cash

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A Closer Look

Con Edison just finished installing new smart meters in Westchester County, enabling everyone with a Con Edison account to participate in improving the grid and taking collective action to impact an clean energy future.

Logical Buildings, a energy software developer, has created a platform and an app that tracks usage in close to real time. As an aggregator, Logical Buildings collects revenues from the utility’s Demand Response programs and dispenses the majority of the revenues realized through participation in announced Demand Response events to the consumers.

How Does It Work?

1. Download the GridRewards app.

2. You reduce electricity when the app sends you an alert.

3. We send you a check in the mail!

Con Edison will pay you to reduce electricity at peak demand times so they can avoid running old, inefficient power plants. You get paid to help the environment.

The Impact


  • The aggregated participant reduction in electricity demand at times during the summer when the grid is stressed contributes to reducing the need for dirty power generation (“peakers’), thus the overall carbon footprint.
  • Beyond the demand reduction aggregation, Logical Building’s technology opens many possibilities in expanding residential customers control of their energy, but also in their participation in other programs, e.g. a ‘virtual power plant.”

Questions About GridRewards…

Questions About GridRewards…