Westchester Power

Westchester Power demonstrated how communities can take charge of their energy procurement to achieve their clean energy goals. Recognizing the potential of this approach, dozens of communities across NY State have followed this lead and established similar programs. Westchester Power is a community choice aggregation program that offer bulk fixed-rate renewable electricity to its member municipalities. Today 29 of 45 Westchester municipalities have selected the Westchester Power program as the default supplier for their residents and small businesses. The impact is significant, as participation has mitigated 310,860 metric tons of CO2 in 2023. All of this has been achieved while leveraging the collective buying power of over 140,000+ customers to lock in fixed rates, thereby offering an opportunity to control costs for residents.

Community Solar

After a successful rooftop Solar program executed in 22 municipalities and resulting in 100’s of installations, Sustainable Westchester found that the void in the market centered around ill-suited property, lack of consistent access and often substantial upfront costs. Sustainable Westchester’s Community Solar offers guaranteed savings to residents who enroll while helping to green the local electricity grid. With no cost to join or cancel and no solar installation on the subscriber’s property, Community Solar increases equitable access to the benefits of renewable energy. Community Solar works in combination with the Westchester Power program, and subscribers are doubling their positive environmental impact. With the assurance of vetted and proven solar developers and vendors, municipalities can partner with Sustainable Westchester to help their residents access community solar opportunities through local outreach campaigns. Community Solar opportunities for municipal electricity accounts and full integration with the Westchester Power program will be available soon as well.

EnergySmart Homes

EnergySmart Homes can help you put a stop to energy waste, eliminate fossil fuel usage and realize savings and increase the value of your home with energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling upgrades. Connect with local installer partners who offer the latest clean energy technologies including; insulation; air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and heat pump hot water heaters. Begin with a home energy assessment to diagnose your home and then get started on making an investment in your home that will pay off with savings and comfort.

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GridRewards ™

What if you could reduce carbon emissions, save energy and earn cash by taking simple energy actions? GridRewards is an award-winning, free app that connects to your utility account and tells you when and how to reduce your energy. GridRewards can pay you to reduce electricity at peak demand times so the utility can avoid running old, inefficient power plants. You get paid to help the environment. Residents, businesses, municipalities, nonprofits and more can participate

Commercial Clean Heating & Cooling

Did you know that 32% of a building’s carbon emissions come from heating and cooling? For commercial buildings, Sustainable Westchester’s Commercial Clean Heating & Cooling program delivers energy-efficient, clean heating and cooling solutions, including geothermal and air source heat pumps. Commercial Clean Heating & Cooling solutions are available for new construction installations and retrofit projects, which represents a particularly significant opportunity in gas constrained areas in Westchester County. Working with the County, State agencies and the utilities, Sustainable Westchester can connect municipalities, developers and key stakeholders with tools, technologies, financial incentives and key decision makers to help facilitate the transition to clean energy and electrification.

Clean Transportation Project (EV)

Local Westchester municipalities, businesses, institutions, residents, and students can go green by participating in the Sustainable Westchester electric vehicle (EV) initiative. Company’s individuals and fleets can own or lease EVs, enable EV spots in their parking lots with or without charging stations, and/or install solar-powered EV charging stations. In turn, they can realize significant reductions in vehicle maintenance costs and gas expenses, all while promoting more environmentally friendly and clean transportation. We can help you navigate the options, sift through available incentives, and determine a path forward that best meets your needs.