Clean Transportation

Clean Transportation

Local Westchester municipalities, businesses, institutions, residents, and students can participate in the Sustainable Westchester electric vehicle (EV) initiative. We can help you navigate the options, sift through available incentives, and determine a path forward that best meets your needs.

EV’s can do everything a gas powered car can do. Car lovers take note, EV’s are fun to drive, with a 0 to 60 m/h in 3.4 seconds or less. They are virtually silent and coast very easily. Most importantly, they are safe and make a big difference in the environment.

By the numbers

  • EV’s can travel 100 miles on an overnight charge from a standard plug.
  • The majority of Westchester residents commute less than 30 miles per day.
  • 1 EV displaces 15 barrels of oil per year.
  • 98% of all US trips are under 50 miles.
  • Cut your car maintenance costs, EV’s have 20 moving parts and no oil or transmission fluids while gasoline-fueled cars have 2000 parts.
  • The price of an EV is dropping approximately 18% per year and sales growth globally climbs 70% per year.
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Clean Transportation Project Goals

  • Reduce municipal fleet fuel & maintenance costs by as much as 25%
  • Cut municipal transportation Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Upgrade municipal fleets with cost-effective, mission compatible electric vehicles
  • Put municipalities in a leadership role in clean
    transportation models
  • One EV in every garage, create programs to attract drivers while building consciousness & brand loyalty
  • Add small business educational partners

Take Advantage of Rebates

Sustainable Westchester will help you find your purchase or lease grant and any extra discounts for doing your part to
reduce emissions.

A Positive Charge

Sustainable Westchester has identified opportunities for charging stations to keep EV’s charged up and ready to roll.