Director of Operations

Cat Sayles

Cat Sayles is Director of Operations at Sustainable Westchester and brings with her more years of business operations experience than she cares to admit. Cat’s experience spans multiple industries, and this is her first time working in Sustainability.

Cat lived in Brooklyn for over a decade, where she gained an appreciation for maintaining a small carbon footprint. The pandemic led her to relocate to Westchester, and soon after the move she began to yearn for the days where she could stroll her compost to the local farmers market. Determined to bring greener infrastructure to her new hometown, Cat sought out local environmental groups. This journey culminated in her founding the Southern Westchester chapter of Mothers Out Front and eventually leading her to join Sustainable Westchester.

As an Operations and HR leader, Cat is on a mission to revolutionize workplace efficiency. With a fervent belief in the value of people, she tirelessly seeks to elevate the employee experience. Cat harnesses the power of automation, AI, and innovative strategies to not only streamline business operations but also to create a thriving workplace environment for all staff members.

In her downtime, Cat enjoys time with her husband and young daughter, listening to vinyl records, exploring museums, and savoring every sip of her favorite brew: coffee.