Interim Executive Director

Jim Kuster

Jim is serving as Interim Executive Director at Sustainable Westchester as of November 17, 2022. Jim is managing partner of Gravitas Americas LLC, a boutique firm focused on effecting change through impact investing and ESG advisory services. Prior to founding Gravitas Americas, Mr. Kuster held positions as CEO of Citizens Capital Markets, Inc., head of Corporate Finance for RBS Securities, Inc., partner at Crest Advisors LLC, and managing director at JPMorganChase Securities, Inc.

In advising businesses on corporate development strategy, Mr. Kuster looks to apply traditional approaches to enhancing stakeholder value while also addressing environmental and social impact objectives. Mr. Kuster holds an MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, an MBA in Financial Management from Duke University, and a BA in Economics from Davidson College.

Outside of work, he enjoys road and mountain biking and playing keyboards in a couple of different bands. He is married and has three sons.