Program community solar

WHAT CAN we DO? – Municipalities

More Clean Energy for
Your Community

As municipal officials at the forefront of efforts to bring renewable energy, and savings, to your residents, we invite you to partner with us to bring this opportunity to your community. Municipalities can help us to be more effective in reaching residents by sharing information and supporting outreach on a local level, which in turn will allow for a greater benefit from community solar.

Community Solar
Municipal Campaign

A partnership with Sustainable Westchester to bring Community Solar to your municipality allows the solar developer to realize efficiencies in enrolling subscribers to solar projects. Through this efficiency we are able to offer municipalities an added benefit to support additional sustainability initiatives in the community.  Each subscription can garner up to a $50 contribution for the municipalities Sustainability committee. The campaign is relatively turnkey as Sustainable Westchester will work with a designated representative and volunteers to execute consumer education outreach and events.

progam community solar
progam community solar

Winning Benefits for All!

The program is a win-win as subscribers see savings on their electricity bill, the municipality is a leader in environmental action, benefits are given to additional sustainability goals of the municipality’s choice and everyone has worked together to build a healthier, vibrant community.

Participate in the Westchester
Community Solar Partnership.

NYPA offers turnkey advisory services that make greening the community an attainable goal. NYPA has streamlined the program structure, taking into account all of the regulatory and policy oversight, in order to be a full-service partner.

NYPA has pre-approved solar vendors and standardized contracts so getting started is not difficult. NYPA conducts the feasibility, technical and economic assessments and then develops the RFP for the municipality. Finally, NYPA is a partner in the proposal evaluation and the procurement administration process.

NYPA helps municipalities reach their clean energy goals and allows for faster implementation through these streamlined process. NYPA’s scale, resources, and established solar partners provide significant cost savings for a municipality and the peace of mine of continued oversight throughout solar project development.

Project Community Solar
Project Community Solar

Sustainable Westchester
Helps Municipalities Enroll
Subscribers to
Municipal Solar Projects.

Sustainable Westchester’s community and municipal relationships enable us to educate and enroll people more easily. We can reduce costs, speed adoption, and share savings with our municipal members. As a result, we’re pleased that this means that we can allocate $50 for each Sustainable Westchester Community Solar subscriber from those municipalities that help us spread the word to support sustainability initiatives those municipalities choose.