July 29, 2020 Request For Information Announcement

The contract for Westchester Power municipalities in the Con Edison utility territory ends on December 31, 2020. Sustainable Westchester will be issuing an RFP at the beginning of September for a supplier to service the territory starting January 1, 2021. Sustainable Westchester has released a Request for Information to identify qualified suppliers for that solicitation. Interested firms should provide their response by August 26, 2020.

Please note: If your firm has submitted or will submit a response to the Sustainable Westchester Request For Information for the New York State Gas & Electric (NYSEG) area issued July 9, 2020, you don’t need to repeat that information here; please just let us know you intend to participate in the Con Edison RFP

Download the RFI and the Electric Service Agreement format below

Corrections and modifications to ESA subsequent to posting

(We’ll record anything found here and these will be incorporated into the final document)

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1.36 Clarification: There was a question about how to interpret “Majority” in this clause and what examples we might have where the impact was less than an entire rate class.

While we are not able to cite an actual historical example, we can imagine a case where low income customers were exempted from some assessment that otherwise was applied to the rest of the rate class. The word should anyway be interpreted in its dictionary sense.

Clause 1.36, 1.37: Modified the definition to clarify that the contract treatment of either type of regulatory event would apply to events occurring any time after the bid. This because there is some indication that the State will postpone/relax the RPS increase already in October. It’s assumed that bids include the RPS as currently stated, but if this change does come, there should be a rate adjustment accordingly as a Qualifying Regulatory Event that decreases Supplier’s cost.

Clause 1.36: Added as exceptional case additional Qualifying Reg. Event – increase in Purchase of Receivables charge by Con Edison.

Clause 4.2 c: Deleted – treatment of Regulatory Event is covered in  17.1

Clause 5.5: Deleted 2nd para re recovering savings from capacity tag reductions that might result from SW initiatives. We still very much want to get there, but lack of detail here had some a little anxious. We expect Suppliers to work with us to realize this if we get to that point, and welcome proactive engagement.

Clause 5.7: Annual mailing obligation added.

“Competitive Supplier shall, at its expense, print and mail one letter or postcard per year to all active Participating Consumers, the design of which shall be determined by the Municipality or Program Manager.”

Clause 17.2: Modified to provide for the case where a Qualifying Regulatory Event results in a decrease in cost which should be refunded.

ESA, RFI Downloads

Confidentiality Agreement For Access To Aggregated Data

RFP and Clarifications

2020 Con Ed RFP
Attachment 1 to 2020 Con Ed RFP – Municipal MOUs
MOUs obtained subsequent to RFP issuance:
Town of Bedford

RFP Clarifications:

There are two fees associated with the supply contract payable by the winning supplier(s) –

  • Program Manager administrative fee as indicated in 7.2 of the ESA, $0.001 for each kWh delivered, invoiced and paid for by Participating Consumers during the Term.
  • The winning supplier also pays the auction fee of $0.10 per mWh ($0.0001 per kWh)

Supplemental MOUs

These municipal participation MOUs were not available at the time of the issuance of the RFP:

City of Peekskill
City of  Rye
Town of Greenburgh