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Pay As You Throw

For municipalities who charge residents for pick up of municipal solid waste, more commonly known as household trash, based upon the amount thrown away versus paying for trash pick up through taxation, Pay As You Throw is a cost-saving program for both residents and municipalities.

Whether residents are billed per bag or by weight, the less trash residents throw away the less they will pay. This provides an incentive to recycle more and to generate less waste. Think of trash like another household commodity – electricity, water and gas – only pay for what you use and enjoy cost reduction by taking proactive measures to reuse, reduce and recycle.


What Can We Do?

Waste management is a significant cost driver in the municipal budget. By creating a strong incentive for Pay As You Throw programs and enhanced reuse, reduce and recycle programming, municipalities decrease costs on fuel, maintenance, and personnel.

Contact Sustainable Westchester for guidelines on Pay As You Throw best practices, including ideas for recycling, educational programs, and special one-day events municipalities can prepare and host.


What Can We Do?

Find out about yard waste and mulching programs, food scrap recovery programs, composting, tire disposal and furniture donation and so much more from your local departments of public works. The more residents use these programs, the noticeably lighter load of household trash is collected and paid for by residents each week.

Sustainability comes full circle as municipalities cut down on emissions associated with collecting, distributing and disposing of residential trash. Take advantage of donation centers! The Furniture Share House.


Save Money
and Reduce Trash

Lighten the amount of trash each week by recycling and reducing either the number of bags or the weight of your trash. Start by checking with local Municipal Recycling Rules…

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