Program Manager,  EnergySmart Homes

Lauren Kroell

Lauren Kroell joined the Sustainable Westchester staff in January 2023 as a Community Energy Advisor for Westchester County, working in the Mid-Hudson Hub under NYSERDA’s Regional Clean Energy Hubs Program. She works within the EnergySmart Homes department, where she was formerly a Clean Energy Associate.

Lauren is incredibly passionate about sustainability and the clean energy transition, and strongly believes that a community-focused, community-led approach is integral to ensuring truly progressive and inclusive public betterment. She believes similarly in the power of informative, accessible communications to advance these efforts, incorporating this into her work by utilizing skills that past academic and professional experiences have afforded her. From 2021 to 2022 she worked at GreenPAC, an environmental non-profit in Canada, to champion environmental leadership in the Canadian government by helping organize and amplify locally-led debates on the environment. In this work and many other settings, Lauren has reaffirmed her commitment to assist communities – and individuals within them – in their efforts to enhance resiliency and environmental justice.

Lauren attended the University of Toronto, graduating in June 2022 with a double major in International Relations and Environmental Studies and a minor in Theatre – though she has spent most of her formative years in Westchester County. In her free time, Lauren enjoys going on long walks, sampling various types of tea, and spending time with her family and friends.