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I’m here because I…

received a pre-enrollment notification letter in the mail. If you wish to opt out or change supply as a pre-enrolled customer, you will need to enter your PRE-ENROLLMENT ID # found on the return mail form in your letter package.

would like to change supply: You are currently pre-enrolled in the program and want to switch your supply option from your current selection to the other program offering.

would like to opt out: You are currently pre-enrolled in the program and would like to return to the utility offered basic supply.

To learn more about the program, visit the Westchester Power page.

Consumer Choice

You can opt in, out, or switch supply at any time without penalties or fees, with freedom to select either 100% Renewable or Standard supply as you wish.  The current rates and historical rate comparisons with the utilities can be found here.

Westchester Power Rates for Con Edison (other than Yonkers) participants

100% Renewable Supply: 15.449 cents/kWh
Standard Supply: 13.685 cents/kWh

These rates do not include GRT. Rates will appear on your utility bill with GRT added if your municipality assesses it.

Using the form:

  • Choose Your Municipality
  • Enter your PRE-ENROLLMENT ID (see where you can find you Pre-enrollment ID below) and zip code.  If your information is recognized in the system, your record will be brought up and allow you to make the change you desire. 
  • If your information is not recognized, enter your name/address as they appear on your utility account, along with your preferred phone # and email.  You will then be directed to make a selection for opting in or out


Some submissions may require review/follow-up by program staff who may reach out to you regarding your request.

If you are responding to a letter for pre-enrollment before the end of the opt-out period, any change you make will go into effect PRIOR to enrolling in the program.


For assistance with your form submission, please email: