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The Future.

Next Generation of Energy!

The Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) will offer, if fully implemented, the opportunity for a hydrogen future. The implementation of large-scale electricity generation projects, e.g. 6 GW solar and 9 GW offshore wind,will not account for new distributed generation, which will inescapably result in the need for curtailments when generation exceeds demand.

The curtailment and, in some cases, the availability of transmission capacity will create the conditions for a potential hydrogen economy. Hydrogen is a key feedstock for different pathways to alternative fuels that would displace fossil fuels, fertilizers and other products. Hydrogen then becomes a form of energy storage.

Sunlight to Fuels

One of the great potential for hydrogen is the substitution of fossil fuels for transportation. Hydrogen is used in fuel cell to re-generate electricity powering the vehicles or it can be combined with carbon dioxide to re-create the hydrocarbon fuels used in aircraft.

Power to Gas

Hydrogen can be mixed as is in substantial portion with natural gas delivered to homes and industrial processes. It also can be combined with carbon dioxide to produce methane – the main component of natural gas. In this case, it creates an opportunity create a renewable energy economy.